Q. What Are the payment Method Accepted?

We Accept The Following Payment Method:-

  • Online Payment Using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking ( Get 10% Off using this payment Method)
  • EMI On Selected Bank Credit Card ( Get 10% Off Using this Payment Option)
  • UPI by all this apps:- Gpay, Phone pe, Bhim or by any upi app ( Get 10% Off Using this Payment Option)
  • Cash On Delivery ( No Discount Rate is Final)

Q. Can I Order Through Whatsapp?

Yes you can you on the bottom of every page there is Whatsapp icon just click it from the page of the product which you like.

Q. How Long Will it take to receive my product?

Well it’s depends on delivery location and availability of stock. If We have ready stock it will take upto 4 or 5 days or else upto 8 days if we have to import the product and deliver it to you. But we will try to deliver it as soon as possible. If there is further delay in order we will notify you.

Q. How Can I Trust You With Online Payment?

Our Business Run On trust. We don’t want to Spoil our reputation. We are in this business from last 20 to 25 years. We have many satisfied customers. We don’t force Anyone to make online payment (prepaid payment). But please before giving any COD Order please assure that you will accept delivery. Many time customer place order via COD but due to change of mind during the time of delivery they cancelled order and we have to bear both the forwarding and return shipping charges.

Q. What is the Differnce Between Original & First Copy?

So, in today’s generation or I would say today’s social media generation. Most people want to look perfect. They Want to wear branded products. Wants to have one or two branded products in their wardrobe. Not everybody wants the same thing but most people, who are socially active want to float their dressing style, their dressing sense.

But to have branded products is not an easy solution for everyone. So, Master Mind manufacturers have discovered a technic to fill this gap and provide a solution for this. This solution is called First copy or replica or master copy. Many people considered them a fake copy and many want them to be called the first copies.

The First Copy Replica Watches are exact replica of luxury brands and we at replicawatchvilla only deals with the high quality AAA+ swiss watches. It is high quality and exact copy of branded watches.

Q. Are your watches made in china?

On our website we sell only high quality AAA+ Grade Replica First copy watches.

We do not sell cheap any Chinese made watches on our online shop like other replica websites, watches we offer are Swiss AAA+ quality simply meaning the raw materials used to manufacture our watches are Swiss Standard. All watches we sell are purely made and assembled in Geneva and other neighboring locations in Switzerland with the same techniques and care that is taken while making an original Swiss made watch, We have a good connection with Independent Swiss watchmakers, Craftsmen & horologists who make, assemble and check each watch by hand before it reaches us.

Q. Are your watches waterproof?

All our watches are water resistant but not waterproof; we do not recommend swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Q. Are all the brand markings correct on watches?

We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our products are as near to perfect as possible. Our items are guaranteed to feature all the correct markings and engravings, in all the right places.

Brand logos, serial numbers and even the specific weight and hand-feel of each piece has been replicated exactly – no detail has been missed.

Q. What is the difference between a Quartz movement watch and an Automatic/Kinetic movement watch?

Watches listed as having Quartz movement run on a battery inside the watch whereas watches listed as having Automatic movement or otherwise known as Kinetic movement watches run on the energy that they harness from the natural movement of your wrist.

Q. Do your watches come with a box?

Yes Our Watch come with Normal Box Which is luxuries but if you want to brand box with manual then you have to pay extra charges for that.

Q. What grade of stainless steel are the watches made from?

We use solid 440 grade stainless steel on all our watches which is known to be the best quality to use and identical to the stainless steel that is used in the making of most of the top brand name original watches.

Q. Is the face portion of all your watches made from Crystal Sapphire?

Yes, nearly every single one of our replica watches features a genuine Crystal Sapphire face. This is the same type of glass used in genuine luxury watches and has proven to be supremely scratch-resistant.

Q. How durable is a replica watch?

It Depends on your use. But it is pretty much durable just like original watch.

Q. If I stop wearing my Automatic (or otherwise known as Kinetic) watch for a long period of time do I need to wind it again?

Wearing the watch regularly will keep all its components and lubricants in movement. That’s how the Automatic/Kinetic watches work. They do not have a battery to power them; they run off the energy they harness from the natural movement of your wrist. So if you do not wear your watch for half a day or longer you will need to wind the watch a little to provide it with some reserve energy that a long with the natural movement of your wrist will keep the watch running properly.

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